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Hello all and I hope you are having a lovely Thursday!

Inspired by my dad transplanting his tomato seedlings this week into bigger pots, and my transplanting my dill and cilantro I have been growing since late January, I took the time to revisit one of my favorite children's picture books this week, Lois Ehlert's Planting A Rainbow!

In this story, a child and their mother pick out a variety of plants (a great chance to talk about the differences between which plants grow from seeds, bulbs, grafts, etc!), and they arrange them around the yard! Everyone gets their hands dirty watering the seeds and weeding the soil, the reader is also introduced to a variety of colorful garden tools! 

The grand finale of this charming springtime read are the die-cut pages, each a different size and color, which open to reveal plants of every shade of the rainbow!

Since this book was published (in 1988), more varieties of exotically-colored plants, like black tulips, have become more prevalent, maybe there can be a sequel with even more colors?

This wonderful, classic picture book will make your family even more excited to begin a garden project together, and it's available as a moviee-book, or audiobook via Hoopla!

If you want another charming springtime picture book read that focuses on the little wonders of nature you and your kids can find right in your own yard, I would recommend Ohio author Denise Fleming's In The Small, Small Pond, available on Overdrive!

For my teen book of the week, I have been listening to the audiobook version of Echo After Echo by Amy Rose Cappetta. This murder mystery is set in a theatre producing the Ancient Greek tragedy Echo and Ariston. I typically don't read murder mystery books, but this story isn't at all like a crime procedural, the characters are unique and intense, and I'm also learning a lot about Classical dramas! 

I am enjoying this as an audiobook, in particular, I think, because of the built-in play, it's much easier to appreciate for me than reading about people acting! Almost more like a radio drama. For another great teen audiobook, I would recommend the novel in verse The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, which is available on Overdrive! This book was one of last year's "Teen Greatest Hits" choices and has been very popular, about a high schooler whose new interest in poetry, and success at poetry competitions, helps her understand herself better, but causes strife in her family.   

You can find a e-book copy of Echo After Echo here via Overdrive!

If you have time today, I encourage you and your family to participate in the library's first ever Stay Home And Read event! We would love for you to participate in our reading-together-while-apart party!

Regardless of how you spend your day, I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week and weekend! 

Best Wishes,

Miss Katie

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