Hello Everyone! 

I can't believe Summer Reading starts next week! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at storytime again, and at our various virtual summer events 🙂

This week my brother has been talking about how much he wants to take his dog to Peters Lake now that parks are beginning to open up again. This got me thinking of one of my favorite beach themed picture books, Wave by Suzy Lee!

While the book is wordless and the art is simple, using only the white of the paper, swirling black lines, and blue for the ocean, every time I read it, it's like listening to a shell at the beach! The story follows a little girl as she plays by (and with!) the waves on the beach. 

Ms. Lee is a Korean illustrator who has won international acclaim through her picture book art, including New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book Award. Her other wordless titles, Shadow, Mirror, and Lines (the wintertime ice-skating companion to Wave), are also available in print at our library.

A good wordless seaside companion for this title would be David Wiesner's book Flotsamavailable on Hoopla! Although this book has the same general theme and format, it is almost the total opposite in tone of illustrations, featuring boldly colorful and realistic illustrations! The theme of this fantastical story focuses on a found camera and the magical underwater scenes it has captured over the years by various kids and families.

For my teen recommendation this week, I had been hearing a lot of buzz about the superhero high school universe of Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee (it's now on its third book in the series!).

This book is a slice of life romantic comedy where our teen (super) heroine Jessica Tran lands a coveted internship...only to find out it is with a super villain! And she will be interning with her secret crush!

This is kind of what I was always hoping the X Men series would be, rather than the dark and brooding superhero school of the Marvel universe...So if you have a teen looking for a new magical high school series, I would recommend it!

Also if you are looking for a nice light and amusing read to welcome the summer months, this book would make a great vacation read (even if your vacation is just hanging out on the porch!). And it's available as an audiobook from Overdrive!

Happy Reading everyone...and I will talk to you next week!
Miss Katie


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